What's the Best Age to Get Braces?

Modern dentistry has made it easy for anyone to obtain a straight pearly-white smile. According to The American Association of Orthodontists, one in five people with braces are over 18 years old. Although the bones in the skull of most adults have stopped developing, most misalignments are still fixable.

We asked our team of specialists at Trusty Dental all about the best age to get braces. Read on to learn how getting braces as an adult is different from getting them as a child, and find out what solutions are available for all age groups.

The braces process for different age groups

Childhood and teenage years

After the age of seven, each child should see an orthodontist to find out if they have any misalignments that need to be addressed. Some specialists even put braces on baby teeth, as these are easier to shift around to create the ideal smile. 

Getting braces as a child or as a teenager can reduce the length of your treatment and save money. Most children don’t require any surgeries or other treatments along with braces because their bones are still developing, and their jaws can be realigned by simply applying pressure in the right places. 

However, if children aren’t diligent about wearing their retainers after getting their braces removed, they may need to repeat the treatment later in life. 


You can still benefit from braces well after you’re 18 years old. Even people over 50 can wear braces and expect excellent results. 

If you’re an adult, the treatment may last longer, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with an uncomfortable set of metal braces in your mouth. Many adults opt for Invisalign®, which features clear aligners that are barely noticeable and easier to maintain. 

Instead of using special tools to clean aligners, you can simply soak them in a special solution. Plus, you can remove the aligners when you brush your teeth, which makes it easier to avoid cavities during the treatment.

However, there’s one disadvantage of getting your teeth straightened later in life: not being able to change the shape of your jaw. For more complicated cases, a specialist may recommend jaw surgery, along with aligners. 

Learn more about Invisalign®

Regardless of whether you’re 15 or 45, you can benefit from getting dental braces. At Trusty Dental, we can help you obtain the smile of your dreams without wearing uncomfortable metal or ceramic braces. Ask one of our expert dental providers to learn more about Invisalign.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to find out if Invisalign can fix your misalignment.

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